2015年9月13日 星期日

0479_Dutch, Holland, Netherlands

0479 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—Dutch, Holland, Netherlands
中譯/中文意思: 荷蘭
Dialog at: 2:52 and 7:24

A: Where are you from?
B: The Netherlands.
A: Oh, Holland, right?
B: Well, Holland is actually just an area of the Netherlands.
A: Oh. But you’re Dutch, right?
B: No. I’m Frisian. A different ethnic group.

New words:
1:39 Minnesota 明尼蘇達州
1:43 pride 光榮
2:03 Dutch, Holland, Netherlands
2:37 complicated 複雜
3:10 ethnic 民族的
4:22 Scotland 蘇格蘭
4:30 Wales 威爾斯
4:52 accent 口音
5:15 Germany, Italy, Spain, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China
5:39 Mongol 蒙古
6:15 diversity 多樣化

2015年9月12日 星期六

0478_the refs

0478 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—the refs
中譯/中文意思: 裁判
Dialog at: 2:42 and 4:49

A: This World Cup is gonna be hi-tech.
B: How so?
A: They’re using goal-line technology.
B: So the refs won’t miss any goals.

New words:
1:00 referee 裁判
1:08 whistle 哨子
1:13 penalty 刑罰/處罰
1:14 violation 違規
1:56 reffed 判決
2:02 possess 擁有
2:20 officiate 主持/擔任
4:09 rely on 依賴

0477_Who’s your money on?

0477 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—Who’s your money on?
中譯/中文意思: 你押賭誰?
Dialog at: 3:06 and 6:07

A: The new season has begun!
B: Who’s your money on?
A: Seattle, man.

B: New England’s the defending champs!

New words:
1:01 rival 對手
1:14 root for 支持

0476_the devil is in the details

0476 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—the devil is in the details
中譯/中文意思: 魔鬼藏在細節裡
Dialog at: 2:35 and 6:14

A: Your scholarship application is great, but…
B: But what?
A: Pat Smith is a Mrs. not a Mr.
B: Oh my god…

A: The devil is in the details~

New words:
1:15 disaster 災難
1:25 careless 不小心
1:33 ingredient 成份
4:40 Brownie 布朗尼
5:34 vinegar 醋

0475_I could use (something to drink/eat)

0475 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—I could use (something to drink/eat)
中譯/中文意思: 我要(吃/喝)點什麼
Dialog at: 2:55 and 5:10

A: Can I get you anything?
B: I could use a coffee.
A: Milk and sugar?
B: Black, please.

New words:
1:05 Labor Day 美國勞動節
1:18 ketchup 蕃茄醬
4:00 Vodka 伏特加

0474_to be fresh out of something

0474 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to be fresh out of something
中譯/中文意思: 某物用完了(沒有了)
Dialog at: 1:57 and 4:55

A: I’m going to the store.
B: Great. We’re fresh out of milk.
A: Anything else?
B: We could use some sugar. And lettuce, too.

New words:
2:06 lettuce 洋生菜
4:14 ink 墨水

0473_to gloss over

0473 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to gloss over
中譯/中文意思: 輕描淡寫/輕輕帶過
Dialog at: 3:38 and 7:38

A: Don’t gloss over your pronunciation rules.
B: I go too quickly?       
A: Yes. Explain them clearly.
B: Okay. I just thought everyone knew them.

New words:
0:50 vowel 母音

0472_to be after something

0472 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to be after something
中譯/中文意思: 未來想得到什麼啊?
Dialog at: 2:32 and 5:12

A: What are you after in life?
B: Fame. I wanna be famous!
A: What are you after?
C: Money. I wanna be rich!

New words:
2:03 greedy 貪心的
3:24 guarantee 保證
3:40 Buffett 巴菲特

0471_sounds about right

0471 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—sounds about right
中譯/中文意思: 大概(是/差不多)吧!
Dialog at: 4:02 and 6:52

A: How much longer?
B: About 60 miles.
A: So, we should get there around 3?
B: Sounds about right.

New words:
4:38 destination 目的地

2015年9月4日 星期五

0470_constructive criticism

0470 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—constructive criticism
中譯/中文意思: 建設性的批評
Dialog at: 4:44 and 8:26

A: What’s wrong?
B: This guy said my video was bad.
A: Did he say why?
B: No! At least give me some constructive criticism if you’re gonna say that~

New words:
0:49 constructive 建設性的
1:03 criticism 批評
1:44 judgemental 武斷的
2:59 bitter 苦的
4:21 recommendation 建議
4:38 criticize 批評
5:33 bald 禿頭
6:14 Justin Bieber 小賈斯汀
6:25 jerk 混蛋
6:37 spoiled 被寵壞的
7:20 influence 影響
7:42 broken home 破碎家庭

0469_turn over a new leaf

0469 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—turn over a new leaf
中譯/中文意思: 改頭換面
Dialog at: 2:34 and 5:22

A: Is that tea?
B: Yeah. No more coffee for me.
A: You stopped drinking beer, too! Did you turn over a new leaf?
B: Yeah! I’m trying to be more healthy.

New words:
3:42 alcohol 酒
3:56 failure 失敗
4:00 persevere 堅持

0468_my gut tells me…

0468 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—my gut tells me…
中譯/中文意思: 我的直覺告訴我
Dialog at: 2:30 and 5:13

A: Let’s go back home.
B: No, let’s stay some more.
A: Two hours and not a bite.
B: My gut tells me the fish are getting hungry~

New words:
1:15 gut 直覺/腸道
1:24 intestines 腸
1:27 abdominal 腹腔的
1:34 instinct 直覺
2:03 intellectual 智慧的
2:14 lottery 彩券
4:26 statistics 統計

0467_a kerfuffle

0467 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—a kerfuffle
中譯/中文意思: 混亂
Dialog at: 2:05 and 3:38

A: What’s all the kerfuffle about?
B: The lady in 407 has an alligator!
A: What? That’s crazy!
B: I know, but she says it’s her pet.

New words:
1:32 scandal 醜聞
2:00 controversy 爭論
2:00 chaos 混亂
2:12 alligator 鱷魚
2:44 crocodile 鱷魚

0466_a bad omen (good ones too)

0466 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—a bad omen (good ones too)
中譯/中文意思: 壞預兆
Dialog at: 2:23 and 5:20

A: It’s 11 at night and still 40 out.
B: This is a bad omen.
A: I know. We’re gonna die in this heat.
B: Thank god we have A/C.

New words:
1:37 spill 濺出
1:52 owl 貓頭鷹

0465_What keeps you up at night?

0465 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—What keeps you up at night?
中譯/中文意思: 什麼讓你無法入睡?
Dialog at: 2:08 and 4:49

A: You always look so happy!
B: Yeah, thanks. But you… What keeps you up at night?
A: Oh, everything! My job, my bills…money!
B: I wish I could help~~

New words:
0:43 in a bad mood 心情不好
2:40 roll around 滾來滾去

0464_opposites attract

0464 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—opposites attract
中譯/中文意思: 不是冤家不聚頭
Dialog at: 3:10 and 6:07

A: Do you think opposites attract?
B: Maybe at first.
A: Yeah! I agree.
B: If two people are too different, I don’t think a relationship will work.

New words:
2:09 luxury 豪奢
2:22 hesitate 猶豫
2:43 chess 西洋棋
3:28 philosophy 人生觀
5:12 complement 互補

0463_in a rut

0463 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—in a rut
中譯/中文意思: 一成不變
Dialog at: 4:54 and 9:50

A: You don’t look so happy.
B: I’m in a rut.
A: Take a break from work.

B: Yeah, maybe a week off would help.

New words:
1:38 rut 車輪的痕跡
2:01 footprint 腳印
3:06 flexibility 彈性
5:34 psychological 心理上的


0462 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—two-faced
中譯/中文意思: 雙重性格
Dialog at: 2:18 and 7:37

A: Bill Cosby on. I love him!
B: Turn it off.
A: Why? He’s the greatest! The Cosby Show~
B: He’s two-faced. On TV he seems nice, but I’ve heard in person…whoo!

New words:
1:01 personality 個性
1:26 politician 政客
2:02 reality 現實生活
2:20 Bill Cosby 比爾 寇斯比(天才老爹主角)
5:25 extroverted 外向

0461_ticked off

0461 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—ticked off
中譯/中文意思: 激怒(某人)
Dialog at: 1:42 and 5:21

A: What’s wrong with John?
B: Eric ticked him off.
A: Again?
B: Eric keeps bothering him about smoking.

New words:
3:20 time bomb 定時炸彈
3:58 go off 
4:06 explosion 爆炸
4:54 throw up 吐掉

0460_to sneeze at something

0460 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to sneeze at something
中譯/中文意思: 輕視/瞧不起
Dialog at: 3:36 and 7:35

A: Shane is an English teacher! Ha!
B: Why?
A: He’s American. They speak American, not English.
B: Don’t sneeze at American English!!

New words:
1:11 deserve 值得
2:39 Donald Trump 川普
2:42 reality TV show 現場電視秀
4:05 Oxford accent 牛津口音
4:10 intelligent 精明
4:24 uneducated 沒教育的
5:27 beneficial 有幫助的
5:35 British accent 英國口音
5:53 UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Europe
6:23 pronunciation 發音
6:39 actors 演員

0459_to be slapped with a fine

0459 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to be slapped with a fine
中譯/中文意思: 被開罰單
Dialog at: 2:50 and 4:30

A: You’re late.
B: I’m sorry. I made an illegal U-turn.
A: Did they let you go?       
B: No! I got slapped with a fine.

New words:
1:04 check out 借出圖書
1:13 penalty 處罰
1:25 slap 呼巴掌
2:05 fine 罰款
2:27 butt 屁股
2:57 U-turn 迴轉
3:10 speed 超速
3:43 mature 成熟
3:49 citizen 市民/公民

0458_to dabble in ~

0458 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to dabble in ~
中譯/中文意思: 擅長~
Dialog at: 3:30 and 6:44

A: Would you help me write this sales letter?
B: Me? Why me?
A: I know you’ve dabbled in writing in the past.
B: Yeah, but that was poetry! Not business stuff!

New words:
1:55 debate 辯論
2:08 by no means 決不
2:13 chef 廚師
2:25 specialty 專長
2:48 triathlon 鐵人三項
3:41 poetry 詩
3:48 weakness 弱點
4:32 nonfiction 寫實文學
4:58 fiction 虛構的
6:17 quotation mark 引號""


0457 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—pizzazz
中譯/中文意思: 花樣/活力
Dialog at: 4:11 and 7:33

A: How’s the stew.
B: It’s okay. A little bland.
A: Argh~~ I should’ve added cumin.
B: Yeah. That would’ve given it some pizzazz!

New words:
2:45 vinegar 醋
2:48 rosemary 迷迭香
3:00 vinegary 酸的
3:31 vanilla 香草
4:13 stew 燉湯/燉肉
4:17 bland (食物)淡而無味
4:20 cumin 小茴香
5:56 accurate 精準的

0456_a dish

0456 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—a dish
中譯/中文意思: 主菜
Dialog at: 3:42 and 6:14

A: What’s that?
B: This is a great veggie dish to make your body stronger.
A: Is that kimchi? You made it?
B: Well, I opened the package^^

New words:
1:20 meat, vegetable, salad, milk
2:15 boil 水煮
2:17 peel 剝皮
2:20 spices 香料
3:44 veggie 蔬菜
3:48 kimchi 泡菜
5:26 foreign 外國的
5:34 spaghetti 義大利麵

0455_in the shop

0455 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—in the shop
中譯/中文意思: (電器/車/手表) 去修理了
Dialog at: 3:52 and 5:23

A: Did you walk here?
B: Yeah. My car’s in the shop.
A: What happened?       
B: I don’t know. Something’s wrong with the engine.

New words:
1:29 underwear 內衣
1:48 broken 壞掉了
1:58 repair 修理
2:07 refrigerator 冰箱
2:16 repairman 修理工
3:25 fridge 冰箱
3:35 motor, engine
4:13 mechanic 技工
4:57 fingernail 指甲

0454_to breathe over someone’s shoulder

0454 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to breathe over someone’s shoulder
中譯/中文意思: 在某人背後盯著
Dialog at: 4:07 and 5:36

A: Tim is constantly breathing over your shoulder!
B: I know. He’s really nervous about the report.
A: How’s it going?
B: It’s almost finished.

New words:
3:09 supervision 監督
3:50 salt 鹽
4:00 pepper 胡椒


0453 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—crucial
中譯/中文意思: 致命的/至為關鍵的
Dialog at: 2:23 and 5:37

A: Cake! I’m gonna share it with Rex!
B: It’s crucial that you don’t let Rex eat this cake.
A: Why not? He loves all desserts.
B: But this is chocolate. Chocolate can kill dogs.

New words:
3:03 dumb 啞的/笨笨的

0452_coming along

0452 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—coming along
中譯/中文意思: 進行
Dialog at: 3:25 and 5:07

A: How’s the homework coming along?
B: It’s almost done.
A: It has to be done before you meet your friends.
B: Don’t worry. It’ll be done.

New words:
1:38 spending 開銷
1:46 phrasal verb 動詞片詞
2:18 a couple of  一些
2:48 paint 油漆
3:41 strict 嚴格
3:52 discipline 紀律

0451_I need to get out more~

0451 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—I need to get out more~
中譯/中文意思: 我應該多出門活動
Dialog at: 3:25 and 5:45

A: What’s the last movie you saw?
B: In a theater? Um…oh! The Titanic. Great movie.
A: What? That was over 15-20 years ago.
B: Yeah… I need to get out more~

New words:
4:12 concert 音樂會/演唱會
4:19 climate 氣候
4:59 balance 平衡
5:34 sponsor, patron, investor, backer, supporter

2015年9月2日 星期三


0450 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—like-minded
中譯/中文意思: 有同感
Dialog at: 1:53 and 3:52

A: You guys make great business partners.
B: You wanna know the secret?
A: Yeah!
B: We’re like-minded. That’s so important.

New words:
2:12 philosophy 人生觀/哲學
2:50 dessert 甜點
2:54 stressful 有壓力的
3:21 partnership 伙伴關係

0449_Some t-shirt, huh?

0449 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—Some t-shirt, huh?
中譯/中文意思: 很棒(爛)的 T恤, 是吧?
Dialog at: 2:59 and 6:30

A: Oh, I’m full!
B: Me, too! Some dinner, huh?
A: When it comes to cooking, mom’s the best.
B: Yes! Thanks, mom^^

New words:
4:22 ridiculous 可笑, 荒謬的
5:16 disappointed 失望
5:22 warn 警告
5:25 sarcasm 諷刺

0448_to be on thin ice

0448 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to be on thin ice
中譯/中文意思: 危險境地/如履薄冰
Dialog at: 3:42 and 6:16

A: Where are you?
B: I’m still at work.
A: It’s 9pm!
B: I came in late two days in a row. I’m on thin ice here~

New words:
0:48 habitat 棲息地
1:18 scary 可怕的
1:34 bite off 咬掉
3:06 drown 溺死
4:30 consistently 一致性地
5:34 camping tent 露營帳棚
5:37 circus 馬戲團


0447 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—Duh~~
中譯/中文意思: 啊?(不解貌)
Dialog at: 3:52 and 5:23

A: So, you have an online business?
B: Yes. I teach online.
A: Oh. So, you use a computer?
B: Duh~~!!

New words:
3:09 embarrassing 尷尬
4:37 obvious 顯然的

0446_to catch up

0446 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to catch up
中譯/中文意思: 趕上
Dialog at: 3:15 and 6:08

A: What else we need?
B: Ketchup. You go down that aisle. I’ll catch up with you in a minute.
A: But I don’t know what kind of ketchup to buy.
B: Organic!! Duh~~

New words:
1:06 ketchup 蕃茄醬
1:25 sauce 醬汁
1:45 head of ... 領先...
2:25 assignment 作業
3:09 eventually 終究/最後
3:19 aisle 走道
3:26 organic 有機的
5:03 go ahead 你先走

0445_to catch a movie/game

0445 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to catch a movie/game
中譯/中文意思: 觀賞/看(電影/比賽)
Dialog at: 1:52 and 3:42

A: Yo, Pete, what’s up this weekend?
B: Not much!
A: You wanna go catch a game?
B: Sounds great! How about tomorrow?

New words:
0:54 soccer, football
1:27 throw a movie 舉行(電影/比賽)
1:30 entertainment 娛樂
2:27 sunburn 晒太陽 or 晒傷
2:43 hockey 曲棍球

0444_to be tied up with something

0444 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to be tied up with something
中譯/中文意思: 忙於(某事)
Dialog at: 2:16 and 4:11

A: You wanna go watch a movie?
B: I’d like to, but can’t.
A: Maybe tomorrow?
B: I don’t think I’ll be able to. I’m really tied up with work these days.

New words:
1:00 nuance 些微差異
1:05 literally 逐字地
1:36 as if 彷彿


0443 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—gibberish
中譯/中文意思: 鴨子聽雷/完全聽不懂
Dialog at: 3:20 and 6:30

A: So, how is Shane’s DDM class?
B: Well, the news stories are pretty easy, but that situation comedy~ Ugh! A bunch of gibberish!
A: Well, situation comedies give you real, daily English. Study hard.
B: I know~ I won’t give up!

New words:
0:49 hoof it  步行
2:22 Stephen Hawking 史蒂夫 霍金
4:09 tour guide 導遊
4:16 symposium 研討會
5:36 clever 聰明
5:37 rhyme 押韻
5:41 lyric 歌詞

0442_to leg it

0442 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—to leg it
中譯/中文意思: 步行
Dialog at: 3:16 and 4:57

A: How are you getting to the game?
B: I’ll leg it.
A: It’s 3 miles!
B: So? The weather’s perfect for a nice walk.

New words:
0:38 make a long story short 長話短說
0:59 kidney stone 腎結石
1:20 horrible 可怕
1:44 chitchat 閒聊
2:38 give me a ride 送我一程
2:58 grocery store 雜貨店
3:57 language institute 語言學校
4:29 mosque 清真寺

0441_a hodgepodge

0441 Daily Easy English Expression PODCAST—a hodgepodge
中譯/中文意思: 熔爐
Dialog at: 5:02 and 6:57

A: Mm! Something smells good.
B: It’s just a hodgepodge of leftovers.
A: Is it ready? I’m starving.
B: In about 30 minutes.

New words:
0:58 apologize 抱歉
1:00 take a break 休息
2:28 hometown 家鄉
2:28 Wisconsin 威斯康辛州
3:59 factual 真實的
4:03 religious 宗教的
4:06 chemistry 化學的
4:09 strategy 戰略
4:22 Korean, French, German, British, Italian, Japanese, Chinese
5:15 starving 餓死了
5:32 refrigerator 冰箱